One word: Yaaaaasss.

That’s it. That’s my review.


Ok, not really. But this won’t be super long, because this place is great and I can only say that so many times. But here is what makes it great- quality and creativity. You can go to other local bagel shops (cough Bagel Bunch cough), and get a basic toasted bagel with cream cheese. But here, at BHB, you can get incredibly creative bagel sandwiches made with Boar’s Head meats on house-made bagels with house-made aiolis. I once had a sandwich with a homemade chutney and sliced *curry chicken breast*. WHAT?! Plus, they go the extra step and give their meat a nice sear on the flat-top. It gets this great char and caramelization that you just don’t get when your typical shop tosses some deli meat and cheese on a bagel.

Note- they will occasionally mess up your order because it gets slammed. BUT when they do? They will do everything they possibly can to make it right. I’ve seen them handle some of these situations while chilling with my own bagel, and customer satisfaction is high on their list- something you don’t see everywhere these days.

And then there are the pastries. They also make these in house. Now, I am typically not a turnover fan because you go to bite into it and it’s all crumbly, and there’s barely any filling…. you know what I mean. But this place. Check it:











Super soft, buttery, flaky, and fillllled with fruity goodness. Same goes for the fruit-filled croissants and the plain croissants. Oh, and if you ask, they will put your sandwich *on a croissant*.











This makes me a happy girl. Here are some other pics:



This is my own creation: Salmon, egg, tomato, and avocado on an everything bagel. Mmmmmmm









Some other delicious sammiches:











An example of some of their awesome specials:











TL;DR: Get here, order something delicious, treat yourself to a pastry. Also, the people there are super friendly- say hi and get to know them, you’ll be glad you did!


Food/drink: 19/20

Service: 9/10

Back Home Bagels Deli & Bake Shop
93%Overall Score

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